How we work

When should I book?

We recommend booking in as soon as possible, most of our mums will book in while they are still pregnant to ensure they can get a session close to their due date.

The best age for a Newborn shoot is when the wee one is less than 2 weeks old, ideally between 5 and 10 days as this is when they are easily settled, usually sleeping and therefore most comfortable.

“With only a very short window of opportunity to get these newborn type of shots you have to act quickly to get your date in the diary before this precious time passes you by.”

We normally book a date in the diary around a week or so after your due date and then we will move it if the wee one comes early or late.

Please don’t worry if your baby has arrived and you haven’t booked in yet, we always keep a couple of sessions free each week so that we can accommodate babies who arrive early or late which in turn makes a couple of sessions available for last minute bookings, just for mums who don’t want to book while still pregnant or don’t want a shoot in the first two weeks but priority is always given to clients who have booked in early who might need to move their session.

If you are not up to leaving the house this early thats ok we can get great images from babies of all ages but the tiny curled up sleepy shots are usually only possible in the first 2 weeks.

If you do not feel up to it during the first couple of weeks or you may just prefer your wee one to be more awake and to see their big eyes open we will do them a little later maybe 3-6 weeks.

We are NOT a stack them high sell them cheap studio we restrict the amount of sessions we shoot each week to make sure we are fresh and focused and can give every client the very best service we can.

“If you are sure we are the studio for you and would like us to photograph your baby please always book in early to avoid disappointment.”

How long does it take?

All of our shoots are entirely baby led, we allow plenty of time for feeds, changes and even just mummy or daddy cuddles if needed

A newborn shoot typically lasts around 2 hours, any more than this and the baby gets restless and fed up, so do you! (don’t worry if we need to run over this, we won’t chuck you out dead on 2 hours )

As well as looking amazing your baby will always be super comfy, our wide range of props and materials are of the very finest quality and are sourced from all over the world.

Our babies deserve and get the very best!

We will also create some more natural portraits for you as well.

How should I prepare my baby for the shoot?

It is best if you just put your wee one in a baby grow (without a vest) when travelling to your photo shoot (just keep them warm with blankets) this makes it much less stressful for them when getting them undressed for the shoot.

If you can, have your baby fed and changed before arriving this will allow them to go into a deep sleep just in time for arriving. Please don’t stress if it doesn’t work out like this we have plenty time to do it when you arrive.

In order to get the very best out of your photo shoot, and to achieve the results you see in our portfolio we only have space in the studio for a maximum of 2 adults to accompany the baby this helps us to create a warm quiet and peaceful ambience to help keep the wee one relaxed and sleepy.

A newborn session will typically last for up to 2 hours, during the session it can get very warm so please dress accordingly for your own comfort. We want you to be completely relaxed and enjoy every moment of your session.

When do I see my photos?

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment is usually around 7 – 10 days after your photo shoot, back at the studio, where you will be able to sit back and enjoy your photos projected onto our large screen so you can see every last detail in your images to help you choose your favourites.

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