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Frequently Asked Questions


You’ll Probably Have Lots Of Questions…

Here are the most common questions we are asked by new parents and parents to be…

Baby photo shoot Glasgow

# When should I book my baby photographer?


If you are booking a newborn photoshoot some of our clients like to book in early in their pregnancy and in that situation we book you in, just as soon as you are happy to do so, for a provisional date around 5 – 10 days after your due date .

However, babies very rarely arrive on their due date so we always keep a selection of standby appointments available every week so that if the wee one arrives early or late we just move your photoshoot to one of those.

You don’t need to book in as soon as you find out you are pregnant!

If your baby is already here, or you are due soon, or if you are looking to book a photo shoot for an older baby that’s not a problem… 

We always keep standby appointments available for parents who don’t want to or didn’t think to book in advance so just give us a call and we will almost always be able to get you booked in within a week or so.


Newborn photo shoot glasgow

# What is the best age for my baby’s photo shoot?


Please don’t get too hung up on “the best age” 

Any age is good for a baby photoshoot!  

For newborn photography, If you like the tiny curled up sleepy shots, we should do those in the first 2 weeks, usually between 5 – 10 days.

The 14 day recommendation, ideally between 5 & 10 days, is because this is when the wee one is most sleepy, still very flexible, and happy to be moulded into all of those cute curled up sleepy shots that everyone loves.

You may prefer your wee one to be a little older and more awake and to see their big eyes open, we will do them a little later, maybe 3-6 weeks.

We have had some babies at this 3 – 6 week stage who have curled up and slept like little newborns and we can still use most of the newborn props as well!

You can see lots of our newborn photography here NEWBORN BABIES

After around 6 weeks the best time for a baby photo shoot is about 12 – 16 weeks when they can lie on their tummy and hold their head up unsupported. 

We are usually guaranteed big smiles at this stage as well.

The next stage is when they can sit up unattended, usually around 6 – 9 months. They are developing their own wee personalities now, these sessions are usually filled with laughs and giggles.

You can see lots of photos of our older babies here OLDER BABIES

# What if my baby arrives early or is late, or if I don’t feel up to it when my baby is born?


We always keep a selection of appointments free every week, babies don’t usually arrive on time so if your wee one is early, late or if you just don’t feel up to it, having just given birth, that’s no problem at all we will just move your photo shoot to one of our standby appointments and this in turn frees up a session for any last minute babies who may come along 😊

#  I am a bit concerned about someone else handling my baby!


It’s all about safety first…

Your baby’s safety, wellbeing and comfort are our main concern, at all times…

Debbie has many years experience of working with and caring for very young babies, she is fully trained in every aspect of baby safety.

All of our clients comment on how amazing she is with their babies.

You can have a look at what our previous mums and dads have said about her here REVIEWS

We are very much baby led in our approach and we will NEVER put your baby in a pose, prop or situation that will compromise their safety or wellbeing.

Your wee one will never be out of your sight and will only ever be a few feet away from you 😊

# How long will it take? I’ve heard some photographers say up to 6 hours!


Our experience has shown that around 2 hours is the perfect amount of time for a Newborn photo shoot, any longer and babies get very fed up and restless (so do the parents)

This allows us plenty of opportunity to shoot lots of different images and plenty of time for feeding and changing if needed.

We only photograph one Newborn shoot a day.

This gives us plenty of time if the photo shoot does need to run over, that’s not very often but we will never rush you.

For older babies the session is usually around an hour. 

Older babies are much more likely to interact and have fun but their attention span is not very long 👶🏻 🤣

# When will I see my photos after the photo shoot?


Around 7 – 10 days after your photo shoot you will come back to the studio to view your photos, larger than life, on our big screen when you can choose what ones you would like to order 😊 

And, of course, how much does it all cost?…

Well, I’m glad you asked 😊…

Our session fee is usually £125, HOWEVER at the moment the session fee is ONLY £75!


The session fee covers your photo shoot, our time and expertise in creating these unique images, editing and digitally enhancing them to the very highest standards, and preparing them for you to view back at the studio around 7 – 10 days later.


There are no prints or digital files included with your session fee.

We then have a wide range of products for you to choose from, with something to suit all budgets…

Our individual prints, mounted and ready to frame, start at only £59 and we have a range of packages starting at only £275

If you would like a copy of our full price list please tell us where to send it, using the form below, and we’ll get one straight to you…

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