Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us To Photograph Your New Wee Baby?…

We run our business different to most studios, not only is our studio custom built for Newborn and very young babies, with your babies Safety Comfort And Well-being our main priorities at all times…

We don’t insist you book in as soon as you find out you are pregnant!

If your baby is already here, that’s not a problem, we always keep appointments available for parents who don’t want to or didn’t think to book in advance!

Lots of our clients like to wait until their wee one arrives before booking a photo shoot and that’s something else that sets us apart, with Debbies training, experience and amazing skills with babies we are able get gorgeous photos of babies up to six weeks old.

So although 5-10 days is the best time if you prefer the tiny curled up sleepy photos, and this is the stage we photograph most of our babies at, we won’t turn you away if your baby is not under 14 days old!!!

Just as many of our clients want to book in early in their pregnancy and in that situation we book you in, just as soon as you are happy to do so, for a provisional date around 5 – 10 days after your due date and then we move the session to one of our standby appointments if the wee one arrives early or late.

We always keep a selection of standby appointments available every week to accommodate this.

We specialise in baby photography…

We only photograph babies, they are our absolute favourite models and our clients come from all over Scotland for us to photograph their babies for them in our custom built baby studio.

More than 25 years experience…

As one of Scotland’s longest running photography studios, we have more than 25 years experience, and with our resident “Baby whisperer” Debbie we know more than most about photographing babies.

It’s all about safety first…

Your babies safety and comfort are our main concern.

Debbie has many years experience of working with and caring for very young babies and this is a priceless, unique asset to our studio.

All of our clients comment on how amazing she is with their babies.

We are very much baby led in our approach and we will NEVER put your baby in a pose, prop or situation that will compromise their safety or wellbeing.

This should be your main consideration when choosing a studio for your baby, too many well meaning amateurs with a camera, who have no prior training in or experience of handling babies, are set up as baby photographers.

“Having children of your own DOES NOT qualify you to safely handle other peoples babies”


If you would like us to check for a date for your baby’s photo shoot just CLICK HERE TO SEND US AN EMAIL or give us a call / send us a text on 07725 419980 and we will get back to you ASAP.

Remember you don’t have to book months in advance, we always have standby appointments available.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the studio soon,

Kind regards,

Robert and Debbie.