Preparing your business for “getting back to normal”

How to prepare your business to bounce back quickly when the lockdown is over…

It’s a crazy and worrying time for most small business owners, some of whom are wondering if they will even have a business when this is all over!

Most small businesses are really struggling at the moment, most can’t even trade, and wonder what they can do to make sure their business is one of the ones that not only survive, but are in a position to thrive when this is all over.

It’s really important to try and remain positive and focussed and make the best out of a bad situation, use this time as an opportunity to brush up on your business and marketing skills.

Use your time wisely and identify all of the areas of your business that you feel are the weakest and do what you can to make them stronger so you benefit when this lockdown ends, and it will end!

Before this virus struck and the world went into lockdown, what was the biggest challenge you had in your business?

What are the areas you felt weakest in?

  • Do you need a better system in place to get more customers, on a more consistent basis?
  • Do you need to be better at getting more business from the customers you have already served?
  • Do you need to learn more about Facebook marketing?
  • Do you need to implement a proper follow up system to give you the best opportunity to convert the enquiries that come into your business?
  • Do you need to be more productive and improve your time management to be more efficient in your business?

Give this some careful thought and brush up on the skills you need to help you be even more successful than before.

Use this down time wisely and make sure you are prepared to hit the ground running and bounce back quickly as soon as this lockdown has ended.

Good luck.

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Over the last 10 - 12 years in particular I've studied with, and learned from, some of the worlds best marketers, spending 10's of thousands of pounds in the process, learning testing and implementing what works best in a photography business.

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