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Dog Photographer Glasgow

Fantastic pawtraits of your dog, shot outside on location, where they can play, have fun and are at their happiest.

This is a walk with your fur baby completely different to anything you have experienced before…



In a sentence, what we do is…

Using our 25 plus years experience we create a fun filled adventure for your fur baby where we capture some stunning pawtraits, as well as some amazing action shots (as long as your fur baby is able) and then offer you the very finest quality products to display in your home.



Debbie and I are massive dog lovers, we are very proud pawrents of two German Shepherd Dogs, Cragan and Aspen, and a gorgeous wee rag doll cat called Aria – she is most definitely the boss in our house 🤣

We know how hard it can be to get an amazing photo of the fluffiest member of your family so we are passionate about creating the very best images we can for every one of our clients, 

Your dogs photo shoot is carefully planned and takes into account any special needs they may have. 

We then work our magic to create amazing unique images that will bring you pleasure, every day, for the rest of your life.


Why outdoor shoots instead of in the studio?

We got fed up of the same boring backgrounds, same old lighting, same old poses and, when we tested it, we found out very quickly dogs are much happier outdoors compared to being constrained in the studio…

So we created A Walk In The Woods!

When it comes to choosing a location for your dogs photo shoot, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible so that they can be themselves and have a great time. 

We have amazing woodland areas near our studio with lots of space and places to explore, prefect for dogs that are happiest when they can be themselves and have fun & play.

We use these regularly but we can visit other suitable areas if you have somewhere particular in mind.

Out in nature there is the most beautiful natural light helping us to create stunning photos of the furriest member of your family. 

It allows us to capture their unique individual characters and create stunning action shots as they chase after their ball or pose regally in the trees.


Because they’re family too!



Treasure everything that makes your fur baby special…

Picture it (excuse the pun)… that furry little face you love and adore, the head tilt that melts your heart, the big eyes that reach all the way into your soul, all captured for eternity and hanging proudly on your wall.



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    Then, when you have had a good read through, if you’d like to book a “Pawsome” Walk In The Woods photoshoot for your fur baby just give us a call on 07725 419980 or send us an email to info@robertmclaughlin.co.uk and we’ll get a date in the diary.

    Thanks for reading this far, we hope to meet you soon 😊

    Robert & Debbie

    Photographers of the “furrier” members of your families 🐶