Specialists in the art of newborn photography and baby photography in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Robert & Debbie are both very highly regarded baby photographers and run their hugely popular studio in Cumbernauld just on the outskirts of Glasgow with clients travelling from all over Scotland to them!

“We bring our unique perspective and multi award winning skill set to every baby session we shoot offering our clients a photographic style that is as unique it is artistic.”

Their stunning newborn and baby portraits capture your first memories of your wee one that you will treasure for ever and will only become more precious as time passes.

“Documenting the first days and weeks of a baby’s life is a powerful art form and should be trusted only to a Master Photographer!”

Being a fully qualified Master Photographer, with over 20 years experience, Robert knows more than most about photographing babies, how to create beautiful soft lighting and how to shoot timeless images that parents will love for a lifetime.

Debbie, labeled by our clients many years ago as the “baby whisperer,” has more than 20 years experience of working with babies and has an amazing rapport with them that is almost magical.

(please see our review page for comments on Debbie’s unique skills with babies)

Debbie is also fully trained in all aspects of baby safety, we will NEVER put your baby in a position or prop where they are not 100% safe.

“We create our baby photo shoot experience around just that, an amazing experience. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and a commitment to the creation of unique art for your home.”

These are the most important set of images you will ever have created of your baby!

Your baby is only this little for a very short period of time, it is a real pleasure for us to capture how your wee one looked when you first met them and, as the weeks pass by in a blur, the memories we capture for you will help you to re live these precious moments for the rest of your life.

“These are the photos you will always reach for to remind you of this tiny little baby in your arms and bring back these precious moments to cherish for ever.”

There seems to be “photographers” everywhere these days, one cheaper than the next, please be very careful when choosing a photographer to document these precious moments, and if you can find one, (because there aren’t that many of us in Scotland) choose a qualified master photographer and you at least then have a guarantee of reliability, skill and quality you can trust.

All photographers are not the same!

When you hire a fully qualified Master Photographer you are not just paying for files on a disc or an image on paper you are paying for a true artist to capture and preserve some of the very best moments in your life.

“Choose your baby’s photographer carefully, you only get one chance to capture this precious time

We truly are Baby specialists.”

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